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[edit] Welcome to Kaltura's Partners and Developers Wiki

[edit] The documentation has been moved to our new community website in which you can find the most recent news and updates with great guides and documentation

We invite the entire developer community to join us in building the first open-source video platform for interactive and collaborative rich-media. Our goal is to enable advanced interactive video functionalities on any site. We look forward to seeing what you can do with the technology, and value your input and feedback.

Here you will find information regarding Kaltura's platform and integration, access detailed documentation and information regarding integration with Kaltura's API, and be able to get access to all the code and tools you need in order to enjoy Kaltura's robust collaborative media platform.

Easily Enable Video on Your Site - Prepare Yourself and Get Started!

Getting Started
Kaltura Platform Overview Frequently Asked Questions Kaltura Dynamic Player (KDP) WordPress Plugin Kaltura Community
Prepare for Integration Kaltura API Kaltura Uploader/Importer - Contribution Wizard (KCW) MediaWiki Extension Kaltura Forums
Basic Integration Guides SDL - Sequence Description Language Kaltura Simple Editor (KSE) Drupal Module Kaltura Source Code
Additional How-To Guides KEditor and KPlayer Framework Kaltura Premium Editor Sample Implementations Developers Mailing List
API Test Console SDK Overview
Get The Kaltura API Client in PHP, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Java and Python

[edit] About Kaltura

Kaltura has developed the first open source video platform for video management, creation, interaction and collaboration. Kaltura’s platform enables any site to seamlessly and cost-effectively integrate advanced interactive rich-media functionalities, such as searching, uploading, importing, editing, annotating, remixing, and sharing of video, audio, and photo files. The platform also includes unique collaboration functionalities that allow groups of users to create together, and enables publishers to access and syndicate reusable content across the Kaltura Network of content and to enjoy aggregated hosted video services such as video advertising, professional editing, and DVD printing. Kaltura’s free open source code is available for web developers in the form of an extensive Software Development Kit, and as self-serve packages for publishers in the form of automatic extensions and plugins for leading content management, blogging and collaboration platforms such as WordPress, and MediaWiki.

Founded in 2006, Kaltura's management and advisory team includes top notch advertising, marketing, and media executives as well as open source experts and seasoned technology entrepreneurs, including co-founders of ICQ, Cyota, and Destinator Technologies. Since its public launch in September 2007, New York-based Kaltura has won numerous awards and endorsements, including the TechCrunch40 People’s Choice award (2007), the Mashable video-sharing ‘Open Web’ award (2007), a TWS ‘top 10’ company (2008), an AlwaysOn ‘Global 250’ company (2008), and one of Esquire Magazine’s ‘most promising’ Web 3.0 companies (2008). For more information, visit or the Kaltura blog.

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